You can use this page to process your PayPal transactions.  I have programmed the links to go directly to your PayPal account. 


You should be able to click on the Buy Now button and a new screen will open.  Enter the amount to be charged on the left of this new screen. Instead of signing in on the right, use the second choice which is "Don't have a PayPal Account". 

Enter the credit card, name and address for your patient. For the phone #, if you can't skip it, use yours.  However, for email address you can't use yours because you will get an error telling you there is already an account set up for that email address.  Same thing might happen if you use your patient's email address. 

Two choices;

  1. You can make up  a fake email address to use here. It will bounce, but PayPal shouldn't care. 
  2. I can set up a basic Gmail account which you can use just for this purpose.

Please let me know if you have any questions processing.